About the Journal

Zaporizhzhia National University, Faculty of Economics issues a professional collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of the Zaporizhzhia National University. Economic Sciences”, which is included in the international Index Copernicus database.

Articles in the Bulletin are placed in the following sections:

  1. Economics and business management.
  2. Economic and mathematical modeling and information technologies in economics.
  3. National economy's market mechanisms of accounting, analysis and audit.
  4. Theoretical and applied aspects of economic processes in Ukraine and in the world economy.
  5. Finance and money turnover.
  6. Labor economics, personnel management and marketing.
  7. Project management, financial and economic security amid globalization.

Editorial office: Ukraine, 69600, Zaporizhzhia, Zhukovsky str., 66.


Editor-in-Chief - Doctor of of Economic Sciences, Professor Alla Cherep 

+ 38061-228-76-13 E-mail: cherep.av.znu@gmail.com

Responsible for the formation of the Bulletin - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Babmindra Dmitry 

+ 38061-228-76-29; E-mail: znu.visnyk.econom@gmail.com

Technical Editor - Ivanova Alisa,

+ 38063-322-40-78 or + 38067944-46-30 e-mail: alice.ivanova.09@gmail.com