• V. Kuz'menko Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
  • S. Plashenko Oles Honchar Dnipro National University
Keywords: heavy stamp, coupled problem, variable body mass, stamp rotation


Influence of the heavy circular stamp on a half-space is investigated. Stamp is considered as a cylinder filled with liquid or loose substance. Body center of the stamp is located at height   and displaced on   distance from   axis. The stamp body center changes its position due to the stamp rotation (fig. 1).

Fig.1. Cylinder with displaced body center

New body center location can be found using the following formula

where .

Using the solution obtained in [1], we have:

where ,  – Young modulus and Poisson ratio correspondingly.

Body center gets additional displacement due to the rotation on angle :


where .

In this case we get linear equation of :




We get formula for contact pressure distribution by putting  instead of :

Stamp breakaway beginning can be described as follows:


Moment for such rotation will be


Apparently, formula (1) makes sense only if


Violation of this constraint will mean stamp balance loss. Critical value of the moment for such condition is equal to . Thus, stamp breakaway begins for anybody center displacement when the critical  value is reached.


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