Keywords: diagnostics, efficiency, development, system, crisis management, constancy, risk


The article presents the results of research by scientists from various scientific schools that is devoted to the impact of innovative processes on the development of the national economy. It presented an algorithm for the diagnostics the stability of functioning of large-scale economic and production systems at the national level in the long term, founded a subject of diagnostics in anti-crisis management,proved that the effective diagnostics can greatly improve the efficiency of development of the socio-economic system, proposed economic and mathematical tools, and concerning the diagnostics of these processes – this makes it possible to determine the essential components of a systematic approach for the development of methodological foundations for the study of the sustainable development of largescale (national level) socio-economic systems, and above all, their innovative component, as a basis for ensuring long-term development.


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Theoretical and applied aspects of economic processes in Ukraine and in the worl