• K. V. Chyzhyk
Keywords: character of the novel, genre specifics, psychology, character


The article deais with the “Lost between the Wars“ by Natalka Dolyak. The attention is focused on the delineation of the image of the unconquered man in the novel, a man lost between the wars, and imbued with the struggle for “me”. Studied figurative system of the novel through the prism of the protagonist.

Statement of the problem. The novel Natalka Doyalk “Lost between the wars“ attracts attention by its psychology and style of writing. Today, this novel “Lost between the Wars“ is not appreciated by critics, there is no thorough scientific research, which explained the problematics of the novel, the historical subtext, also not explored is the theme of unconquered of man in the work of Natalka Dolak. So, the topic of selected articles is relevant.

The purpose of this article is to explain and describe the image of a strong and unbowed personality in difficult life conditions in the early twentieth century in the novel Natalka Dalek “Lost between the Wars.”

Presentation of the basic material .The first half of the twentieth century. there was a rich and momentous event for the Ukrainian people: two revolutions and world wars, famine, repression, the establishment of the Bolshevik regime, new economic policy, forced collectivization and industrialization, the struggle for the independence of Ukraine. Among the first to speak about “zagubieni” and “rebellion” are Ukrainian writer Ulas Samchuk “Maria”, Todos Osmachka “rotunda Killers”, Vasyl Barka “Paradise” and Ivan Bagrjany “Garden Gefsimansky”.Today the theme of “lost” is not forgotten, turning to her, many writers, particularly A. Kokotyuha in the novels “Red” and “the Case of the chieftain of the Green”, and novel “pillars of Fire: the tetralogy” and the like. Modern writers on- new to comprehend the theme of repression, prohibitions, insults and other manifestations of the Soviet system. Natalka Dolac – modern Ukrainian writer, her novel “Lost between the wars” is based on real events, it tells about the life of historical figures, the Ukrainian writer Yuri Mowing, which is most wanted to live and work for the happy future of Ukraine. The events of the first half of the twentieth century. the novel depicts with historical accuracy. Young, talented writer Yuri Mowing (Thistle) left his native Poltava and went to Kharkov, where he began working in the group “the Plow”. It was at this time the country flashed the news about the Anglo-Boer war. The second time the writer got to the front during the first world war. It Mowing found and lost the love of his life Larissa, who was a nurse. The new government very quickly makes a decision, which bans all Ukrainian, and those who oppose will die. Despite all the prohibitions and fears the main character does not want to forget their roots and language. One day they came for him by the NKVD. In the camp, Mowing and saw many of his countrymen, and he suffered for love of country, and are now considered enemies of the people. The investigators of all the methods tried to beat a confession out of him that he lifted people to the revolution and acted against the interests of society. Yuri did not want to obey, and endured every possible humiliation and was able to return home. Back in Kiev, Yuri learned that his best friend is Pyotr Garkusha already a Colonel of the NKVD and with his help he went to prison. Dying, the main character sincerely believed that very soon it will become an independent country. He was very happy because his soul is finally at peace and will no longer be any taboos.

Conclusions. Therefore, we can say that the Natalka Dolyak in the novel “Lost between the Wars” interprets the image of the unconquered moral person. The main character of her novel “the lost” by the system and cannot find peace of mind. He suffers for the future of the state.



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