• S. V. Siryk
Keywords: linguistic contrast, expressiveness, idiostyle


In  article  is  made  attempt  to  analyse  characteristic  for  linguistic  creativity  Viktor  Antonovich  Chabanenko expressive means, are constructed on contrasting language units. Objective of article is identify and analysis of features poetic individual style known linguist and writer V. A. Chabanenko, in particular researches of use in language work of the artist emotionally-expressive lexicon, constructed on the contrast of different styles, different system language units, logically and semantically diverse linguistic elements, phraseological units, finding-out its expressive potential.

The analysis of poems of poetic collections of V. A. Chabanenka “Orataniya”, “the Cathedral of my soul”, “In an eternal duel”, “On a visit at your youth” allows speaking about wide use by the author expressive on the basis of contrast different styles of language units. The given contrast is shown in opposition, comparison and collision different styles and logically, semantically and structurally diverse linguistic elements, the combining different styles elements in structure of one offer creates expression powerful force.

By the author are used as continuous and are dismembered different styles contrasts.

A different style contrast stylistically and structurally connects the text, expands its emotional palette, sates with its lexico-semantic shades.

The analysis of poetic works of V. A .Chabanenka has shown, that the artist, according to the creative plan actively enters into a fabric of the poetic text contrast different system elements: elements of the Ukrainian literary language with elements of other systems:  with elements Ukrainian territorial, social dialects, with elements of foreign languages.

Expressive-stylistic effects, created by such collisions, comparisons or oppositions are extremely varied and picturesque.

The researcher and the expert on language Victor Antonovich actively uses in poetic works contrasting logically and semantically diverse linguistic elements. And this, unexpected for the reader of collision of words, word- combinations, that belonging to different logical planes, makes the poetry original, stylistically expressive and emotionally strained. Such contrasts the author creates philosophical and pathos, festive, humorous, sarcastically satirical shades.

One of the favorite methods of contrast V. A. Chabanenka is collision specific with abstract, which makes an especially strong impression upon the reader.

Expression, engendering logically and semantically diverse collisions the known explorer of stylistics often strengthens amplification or gradation of contrasting elements.

Often she amplifies at the author rhyme.

For linguistic creativity V. A. Chabanenka is often used are expressive contrasts, that are based on a complex interlacing and clashes logically diverse logically diverse semantic and stylistic shades.

For idiostyle famous collector and explorer living national language is characteristic active introduction in poetic works of phraseological units which in themselves is a source of expressive potential.

Linguistic contrasts of poetic works of V. A. Chabanenka - product of his linguistic creativity, stylistically strong and defined a high intellectual level.

The real master of an art word V. A. Chabanenko in his works addresses to the thoughtful reader-patriot.




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