• N. S. Dmitriieva National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
Keywords: psychological training of athletes, professional sport, shooting, sport shooting, psychological readiness, overcoming competitive difficulties


The purpose of the article is to present the developed method of forming the psychological readiness of shooting athletes to overcome competitive difficulties and features of its practical implementation. the method of formation of psychological readiness of athletes in shooting to overcome competitive difficulties and features of its practical realization are presented. Shooting is a type of shooting sport in which athletes compete in shooting with air, small-caliber, large-caliber rifles and pistols. One of the most important conditions in the formation of shooting skills is psychological training. In it much attention is paid to education of abilities to intentional regulation of emotional states, including during competitions. Formation of psychological readiness of athletes on shooting to overcoming of competitive difficulties is carried out through consistent movement on educational levels: level of motivation theoretical experience, the level of practical experience. In the developed model we have selected such structural components as theoretical and practical. The theoretical component includes theoretical classes that are held once a week. The structure of each lesson included logically related to the importance of three consecutive parts: the introductory part was aimed at forming the training motivation of athletes, the formation of skills to highlight the essential in this extreme situation and the ability to determine the necessary ways to overcome difficulties; the main part included a theoretical or practical solution of educational tasks, taking into account the well-known didactic scheme of learning: acquaintance, learning, consolidation, improvement; the final part solved the problem of control and adjustment of the learning process. In this part, actions are taken to analyze the decision from the standpoint of its effectiveness and rationality, systematization and generalization of acquired knowledge and skills. The practical component contains practical classes that were organized in each training session in the second half of the main part. The practical implementation of actions aimed at overcoming competitive difficulties in the learning environment, then during the control competitions contributes to the formation of special skills and abilities.


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