• O. M. Ivashchyshyn Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
  • N. Yе. Kashchyshyn Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Keywords: Academic Writing, innovative resource, learning environment, Information technology, online learning, interactive assignment


The article considers the results of implementing a new methodology of teaching Academic Writing (AW) as a constituent part of integrated English classes to Philology and International Relations students in Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. It emphasizes the role of English AW due to the integration of Ukraine in European educational space, incorporation of Information technologies into teaching environment and the intensive development of online education caused by a pandemic spreading of Covid-19 throughout the world. The article studies the main characteristic features and rules of AW on the basis of theoretical investigations of famous methodologists and linguists. The discussion on such basic strategies as striving for clarity and communicating ideas effectively is at the heart of the article. Besides that, the article emphasizes the importance of structure and design, grammar and logical organization of paragraphs as well as the necessity of revising the text and the use of transitions between sentences and paragraphs to help readers follow the ideas easily. The article investigates the existing approaches to conducting online classes and focuses on the use of “Teaching and Learning Academic Subjects” (TALAS) management system that creates an online environment for teaching English, including AW. The main focus is on the discussion of TALAS tools for writing assignments, which provide the opportunity to learn AW on the basis of theoretical material and practice knowledge through interactive tests. The students can also write essays, summaries, reviews, CVs, conference abstracts, etc. The evaluation system of TALAS provides students with the opportunity to see the mistakes and read the remarks and advice of the teacher. This challenges the promotion of writing skills, makes the process of learning AW manageable and successful and brings innovative perspectives to teaching writing. Finally, the article emphasizes that based on students’ feedbacks on learning AW, TALAS helps in promoting writing skills, makes learning more effective and more transferable to new situations in contemporary education. This encourages to conclude that the applied methodology is a resource effectively contributing to students’ AW knowledge acquisition.


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Ivashchyshyn, O. M., & Kashchyshyn, N. Y. (2021). INNOVATIVE RESOURCES FOR PROMOTING ACADEMIC WRITING SKILLS IN ENGLISH CLASSES. Pedagogical Sciences: Theory and Practice , (2), 46-51.