• N. S. Shcherba Educational and Scientific Institute of Foreign Philology of the Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University
Keywords: inclusive classroom, would-be EFL teacher training, motivation and orientation aspects, customized course, virtual classroom


The aim of the research is to investigate into the factors that promote the formation of would-be English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) teachers' psychological readiness for teaching learners with disability in Ukraine. According to the results of the literature analysis conducted, teachers' attitude to their work in general depends on such factors as: prompt salary, unbiased appraisals, positive behavior of students, presence of staff rooms, friendly environment, availability of learning resources, small class size, less distance from the school, selecting upper class as target market and teachers' autonomy in choosing methods and forms of work. As for teaching learners with disability, a number of educationalists report that teachers' attitude depends on the severity and type of disability, as well as previous customized psychological and pedagogical training. The research conducted in 2018–2021 in Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University and engaging 96 Master's degree program students makes it possible to ascertain that would-be EFL teachers' psychological readiness for teaching learners with disability in inclusive setting immediately depends on the prior customized training aimed at preparing students for problem solving in inclusive classroom. The difference in average pre- and post-experimental indices in groups 1 and 2 is 24,4% and 24% respectively, which proves the reliability of obtained results. In the same time this index in group 3 is 29,2% which can be explained by the fact of using the virtual Edmodo classroom interactively: the only variable that distinguished instruction in group 3 from groups 1 and 2 was the application of electronic session tests, case-studies as home assignments after sessions 9-16 and 4 WebQuests suggested to students as alternatives for the case studies. Thus, the systematic application of the mentioned web-technologies in the virtual classroom can be considered an additional factor that promotes the development of would-be EFL teachers' psychological readiness for teaching learners with disability. This conclusion is especially important for distant teacher training practiced by higher educational institutions as new educational reality due to COVID-19 pandemic.


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