Keywords: brotherhood, enlightenment, brethren schools, printing office, literacy, cultural traditions, historical and pedagogical process


The article deals with an analysis of the history of higher education development on the Western Ukrainian lands in second half of 17th – early 20th centuries. It is an attempt to substantiate the process of formation and development of classical university education in Western Ukraine and to highlight the main stages. Despite rather broad chronological boundaries of the research, in modern literature the topic of classical university education formation in Western Ukraine is not sufficiently discussed. This demonstrates the need to cover the issues and the relevance of the article’s topic. Each nation in its historical development for many centuries has created and accumulated its main capital – moral and spiritual values as the basis for culture formation. But the culture of a nation appears and develops as a part of universal culture. Everything that was developed by mankind before the twentieth century served as a basis for the creation of a new higher education system. Knowledge of its history will allow a deeper analysis of the processes that took place during its development, and select the most valuable that will further develop the modern education system. The higher education development history is the object of historical and pedagogical research. Moreover, these studies are needed to create a new model of higher education in Ukraine in the new century. The study of the pedagogical heritage of the past with its achievements and omissions allows scientists to summarize the real picture in the development of domestic pedagogical thought as a holistic multifaceted phenomenon, to identify national conceptual discussions and analyze them in accordance with modern requirements. The science development with the emergence of university education was closely connected with the general cultural processes that Ukrainian society experienced during that period. The radical turn to the West was marked by new qualitative changes in all spheres of educational and scientific life of Ukrainian people.


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