Keywords: Pedagogy, test, test control, types of tests, students’ progress, methods of control, types of control


Specific features of the test control method applied at Pedagogy classes are revealed. The topicality of the problem is substantiated by the necessity for the teacher to get feedback from the students that enables to measure their progress in Pedagogy. Test control is one of the methods to assess the level of students’ professional competences in Pedagogy formed in the process of learning. The aim of the article is to prove the efficacy of test control application at Pedagogy classes in higher educational institutions. In accordance with the defined aim the objectives are set: to define the essence and peculiarities of test control as the method to assess progress of higher school students, to analyse specific features of test application to reveal the level of pedagogical competences at Pedagogy classes, to identify conditions of effective test control application at Pedagogy classes. Test is termed as a challenge limited in time to measure students’ progress or character traits. It consists of tasks. Testing is a procedure of solving test tasks. It is stated that a test in Pedagogy is a set of test tasks from pedagogical science structured according to the logic of presentation providing information content of measuring levels and quality of educational results the students achieved in the process of learning; a tool for the teacher to monitor and assess an activity favouring objective grading of higher school students’ pedagogical competences formed in the process of learning. Test tasks in Pedagogy may be applied for different types of control. Principles of individual-oriented character of knowledge assessment, systematicity, systemness, theme, comprehensiveness of control, objectivity, openness and differentiation of students’ progress grades facilitate effective testing procedure.


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