Keywords: creativity, music teacher, professional growth, the educational reality of pedagogical institution of higher education


The article actualizes the understanding that today one of the most important directions of higher education reform in Ukraine is the humanization of educational activities and the direction of the educational process of IHE (institution of higher education) on the formation of creative personality of the future specialist, creating conditions for discovering abilities, talents, and talents of students. The author turns to the historical foundations of this concept, explores its transition from psychology to pedagogy, analyzes existing concepts from scientific points of view in interpreting the concept of creativity, in solving the problem of finding a place for creativity in the professional training of music teachers. The author proves that an artistic personality is a creative personality, which due to the influence of external factors has acquired the necessary additional motives for personalization of creative potential, personal formations, abilities that contribute to creative results in one or more creative activities. The publication concludes that the specifics of the teacher-musician has a creative meaning. The creative activity of a music teacher determines the presence of creativity in his structure as a personal quality. It is a well-known fact that a music teacher belongs to the category of creative personalities, and therefore his creativity can be interpreted as an integral personal property that allows him to realize his creative potential in practice (music, singing, teaching, etc.). It is determined that creativity occupies a prominent place in the personality structure of a music teacher and is important for his pedagogical activity. The analyzed concepts and approaches to the study of the phenomenon of creativity allowed to choose among the professional qualities of a music teacher creativity as one of the leading and important. The author of the article emphasizes that the pedagogical activity of a music teacher is inherently creative, as it is marked by the diversity, complexity, and specificity of the subject taught. It should include motivation for the chosen activity, developed special abilities, intellectual initiative, and creativity, as a personal quality that will allow the teacher-musician to realize himself in art.


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