Keywords: special difficulties of studying, young pupils with breaking of reading, mathematical competence of primary classes pupils with a dyslexia, mathematical tasks, methods and skills of a formation of skills of the solving the narrative tasks of pupils with a dyslexia


The article is dedicated to the problem of the formation of skills to solve the narrative tasks of primary school pupils with a dyslexia. It is stressed that the essence of the activity on the solving of tasks is in the transformation by pupil in words the given plot which has the figure components and the character structure, on the language of the arithmetic recording as a crossing from the verbal model to the mathematical model or scheme. At the heart of this crossing there is a text analysis and the selection in it of the mathematical notions and the correlations. The skills of solving the narrative tasks make an influence on the development of the internal motivation, an interest to the studying activity, creating of the special skills of pupils, help to children to master the mathematical notions and the regularities, form the ability to the planning and the self-control. The pupils with the difficulties in the studying and with a dyslexia as well can’t without the application of a special pedagogical assistance to get the skills to solve the tasks. The authors opened the psychical and physiological mechanisms of the mastering of difficulties to master the skills of the reading (dyslexia) of the young pupils, it is reflected its impact on the forming of the mathematical competence. It is analyzed the mistakes which appear in children with dyslexia during the solving of the narrative tasks, the peculiarities of the text perception, tasks and the doing of the arithmetic actions during its solving. It is defined the perspective approaches directed on the intensification of the process of pupils’ studying with a dyslexia of mathematics, a special attention is concentrated on the peculiarities of a usage of the general didactic and special methods and skills of a work of a teacher of primary school under the narrative tasks which presuppose the connection with the correction and development speech therapy impact. The peculiarity of the educational process for the children with a dyslexia is in the usage of the different levels of the adaptation of the studying material to the cognitive possibilities and psychological and physiological peculiarities of pupils with a dyslexia. An acconting of the results of the investigation can become the background for the creation of new studying technologies which presuppose the maximum activation of more developed branches of the cognitive activity of pupils with a dyslexia, influence on the prophylaxis of the appearing the difficulties during the solving of the narrative tasks.


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Raevska, I. M., & Kabelnikova, N. V. (2021). FORMING OF SKILLS TO SOLVE THE NARRATIVE TASKS OF PRIMARY SCHOOL PUPILS WITH A DYSLEXIA. Pedagogical Sciences: Theory and Practice , (2), 85-90.