About the Journal

«Bulletin of Zaporizhzhia National University. Biological Sciences» is a scientific, peer-reviewed journal. The journal publishes the results of experimental and field research and review papers.

The journal adheres to the policy of open access to papers and free publication for authors and readers, upholds the principles of free dissemination of scientific information and knowledge sharing. The journal declares the rapid on-line publication of the manuscripts after their acceptance.

The aim of the journal is to spread new knowledge, to create a platform for discussing ideas and research results among domestic and foreign scientists, to develop intersectoral communication. The journal publishes scientific papers from all over the world, with priority being given to regional and national issues.


The main objectives of the journal are:

- Dissemination of modern scientific knowledge, theories, methodologies and practices in the area of biology among academic, educational and professionally oriented audience;

- Bringing science and practice together the journal seek opportunities to enhance communications training and exercises;

- Development of regional and international cooperation, dissemination of research results of Ukrainian scientists at the international level.


The journal publishes high quality original papers, which should contain a deep independent analysis of the current biological problems.

Papers in Ukrainian and English in the following areas are accepted for publication:

- Bioecology

- Bioorganic chemistry

- Biochemistry

- Genetics, plant physiology and applied botany

- Hydrobiology

- Zoology

- Immunology

- Ichthyology and aquaculture

- Microbiology

- Parasitology

- Human and animal physiology