Peer-review process

All received manuscripts are subjected to careful editor assessment and one-sided blind peer review. The intellectual content of the manuscript is evaluated irrespective of previous merits, race, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, religious belief, citizenship, or political philosophy of the authors. Each manuscript is peer-reviewed regardless of whether it is submitted by the editor-in-chief, member of the editorial board, their students, etc. If the paper is submitted by the editor-in-chief or his student, the review procedure is organized by members of the editorial board. The manuscript review process is aimed to ensure the quality of publications. The review should provide a comprehensive and objective evaluation, analysis of the advantages and weaknesses of manuscripts. Before the review process, each manuscript is checked for plagiarism and the results of the review submitted to referees.

The review process is organized by members of the editorial board with the engagement of external referees who have a respective qualification and skills in the specific subject matter and satisfy the requirements of the Order of forming the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine № 32 of 01/15/2018) to have at least one publication in the journals from the WoS and/or SCOPUS database for the last three years. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, authors may provide the names of unwanted reviewers.

In case of violations of virtuous standards, publication ethics and detection of fabrication and falsification of scientific results in manuscripts, the editorial board will take the necessary measures to prevent the publication. If any type of misconduct is identified after the paper is published, the journal will publish a retraction in the nearest issue.

The review process is conducted in a confidential manner; authors are not informed of the names of the reviewers; editorial boards and reviewers do not disclose information about the reviewed manuscript and author(s). The term of the review should not exceed one month after the manuscript was submitted to the reviewer.

The final decision on the publishing the manuscript is taken by the editorial board accounting conclusions of referees, as well as the reasoned response of the author(s) of the manuscript.

Papers recommended for publishing are subject to editing, adjustment and technical layout in accordance with the publishing format and journal template.

The Editorial Board is fully responsible for all material published in the journal. Authors in their papers may express views that diverge from those of the editorial board.