Helminth parasites of grey mullets (Teleostei: Mugilidae) in the Mediterranean region: a review

  • V. L. Sarabeev Zaporizhzhya National University
  • Ie. V. Tkach Zaporizhzhya National University
Keywords: Mediterranean and Azov-Black Seas, Mugil cephalus, Chelon labrosus, Chelon auratus, Chelon ramado, Chelon saliens, Planiliza haematocheila


Helminths are a diverse and rich group of fish parasites, some of which are dangerous pathogens of epidemic potential. The present review is focused on helminth parasites from grey mullets (Mugilidae) in the Mediterranean and Azov-Black Seas. These fish are of great economic importance, for supplying food and recreation services. This study covers helminth parasites of six species: Mugil cephalus (L.), Chelon labrosus (Risso), C. auratus (Risso), C. ramado (Risso), C. saliens (Risso) and Planiliza haematocheila (Temminck, Schlegel). This paper gives a brief overview of the history of taxonomic and faunistic studies of helminth parasites from grey mullets in the Mediterranean. The history of the helminth parasites from grey mullets goes back to over 200 years ago to the first species described by Rudolphi in 1819. One hundred and four helminth species have been recorded in about 130 published papers. Fewer than 10 species have been recorded prior to 1900. Since 1960s, taxonomic efforts have rapidly increased, reaching the highest level in the first decade of the 21st century. Only one new species has been recorded in Mediterranean mullets in the last decade. We suggest that the decrease in the number of described species observed in the last decade is the consequence of previous intensive taxonomic efforts results in the actual estimation of species diversity for the studied area. Digeneans and specialist (oioxenic and stenoxenic) parasites dominated in the structure of helminth fauna of mullets. The highest richness of helminths is found in the Azov-Black Seas mullets, while the poorest in the Eastern Mediterranean. A relatively large number of species (20) identified only to generic or family levels remain the taxonomic subject of future studies.



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