• A. N. Bystriantseva Kherson State University
  • Yu. S. Cherednichenko Kherson Physical and Technical Lyceum
Keywords: school course of algebra, equation, logarithm, mathematical error, method


The article is devoted to an overview of typical mistakes and difficulties that students of general secondary education have in the process of mastering basic mathematical knowledge and skills, one of which is the ability to solve equations, including logarithmic equations. This issue does not lose its relevance in the process of further education at an institution of higher education, since it is precisely the logarithmic equations are widely applied in many scientific research in the natural direction. The analysis of tasks of the state final attestation and external independent assessment is carried out. It shows that the level of skills and abilities of students of general secondary education demonstrated in solving equations, namely logarithmic equations, is quite low. This applies not only to highlevel tasks, but also to those that involve only the consistent execution of a clear algorithm. Based on the research of the authors V.A. Dalinger, I.B. Lyapunov, P.I. Samsonov, L.P. Cherkaska, own experience, materials of analytical reports of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment, it can be argued that the mistakes made by students during solving logarithmic equations, are various: from incorrect presentation to mistakes that have logical character. With concrete examples in the research were analyzed typical mistakes and difficulties that students have when solving problems using logarithms, explanations are given about the causes of their occurrence and recommendations are given for their further effective elimination. When searching for ways to improve the teaching methodology for solving logarithmic equations, which must necessarily include the mastery of basic theoretical information, familiarity with the techniques and methods of solving equations, it is recommended to direct the work to identify gaps in the knowledge of students and carrying out work to eliminate them. Qualitatively organized work on identifying and preventing gaps in knowledge and skills of students of general secondary education will ensure successful mastery of educational material.


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