• Yu. V. Goncharenko Zaporizhzhya National University
  • Yu. V. Titov Zaporizhzhya National University
Keywords: modern dance, creative personality, students-actors, modern, jazz, jazz-modern, jazzfolk, stage character


The article, based on the analysis of pedagogical, psychological and art literature highlights the essence of the concept of creative personality, reveals the content and main components of creative potential of the individual, consisting a developed intellect that is capable of stimulating personality to independent creative activity, experience, perseverance and purposefulness of creative actions and interests. It is noted that the way of modern dance can stimulate the creative potential of the future actor’s personality, because it is his choreographic vocabulary aimed at expressing emotions, feelings and the natural essence of personality. Embedded in modern choreography dance text based on the naturalness of movements and sensations, its free psychophysical manifestation, able to encourage creative action of future actors, by reproducing their spiritual world through modern motor manifestations. In addition, the compliance of choreography and its musical accompaniment with modern demands of society will stimulate future actors to motivate creative activity, to create a new choreographic work, as well as initiate the development of their imagination and fantasy. The most methodically developed and available for mastering by future actors the directions of modern dance are: modern, jazz, jazz-modern, jazz-folk. Introduction to the content of the educational process of choreography of future actors, areas of modern dance using creative tasks for improvisational action, will allow future actors to feel free, natural, relaxed and confident in creating an artistic image of the character, both past and present centuries. Also, these areas of modern dance will promote the development of the psychophysical organ of the actor’s personality, harmonizing his inner feelings and emotions with motor manifestations, revealing and filling the pictorial image with aesthetic plasticity.


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