• R. V. Nevzorov Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National Air Force University
Keywords: method of cognition, model research, pedagogical model, professional preparation of soldiery pilots, combat training


The article opens discussion round the problem of expediency of application of model approach, as an universal scientific method of cognition, in research of process of preparation of future soldiery pilots to battle flights in establishment of higher education of Ukraine. Traced institutional evolution of design in science on the whole and in pedagogics in particular; the accented attention is on that genesis of this scientific method takes beginning on the border of ХІХ–ХХ century in the sphere of exact sciences (foremost, mathematicians and logics) and only from the second half of ХХ of century he spreads to other spheres of scientific knowledge, in particular in pedagogics. Investigational, that due to considerable scientific potential and rapid development of information technologies of design actively entered the methodological base of most modern scientific disciplines; in pedagogics it purchased status of independent methodological direction and got the name “pedagogical design” (as the synonymous are used terms “model research”, “model approach”, “design method” and sometimes. The table of contents of the indicated discussion is related to the certain disbalance: in pedagogical dissertation researches of the Ukrainian authors 5 last the models are used actively enough and all more often, while in works from the problems of military pedagogics ‒ far fewer and rarer. An author considers that potential of this method of cognition of the pedagogical phenomena and processes in this industry of pedagogics is obviously underestimated. Leaning on previous scientific researches of pedagogical design, on the example of model of process of preparation of future soldiery pilots to battle flights, that is developed within the framework of dissertation doctoral research, an author leads to expediency and actuality of application of model approach convincingly. It is marked that he most optimally befits for the study of part of educational process, that essentially is the indicated process of preparation: firstly ‒ a design on nature is the system; secondly, it is based on the fundamental concepts of pedagogics; thirdly, through an orientation on perfection of separate aspects of educational process and in fourth times, in force the had opportunity in his methodological scopes to choose initial terms accordingly authorial understanding of pedagogical task.


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