• T. V. Skoryk T. H. Shevchenko National University “Chernihiv Colehium”
  • N. V. Grytsyk T. H. Shevchenko National University “Chernihiv Colehium”
Keywords: technology, situation of success in education, professional success, professional training, future teacher


The relevance of the publication is due to the need to justify the importance of technology to create situations of success in the training of modern teachers. The authors define the technology of creating a situation of success not only as a technology of successful learning, but also as a technology of development the professional success of a teacher, because it develops the qualities of a successful personality: confidence, leadership, determination; shapes the behavior of a successful person: the need to learn something new, overcomes the fear of obstacles, directs to self-development and self-improvement. The authors assume that the situation of success in learning is a pedagogical problem created by the teacher, the result of which is a positive, joyful experience of the student, which encourages him to further cognitive activity. Analyzing the essence of the situation of success in terms of pedagogy and psychology, researchers emphasize on the emotionality of this technology, because it ensures the achievement of learning outcomes that have a positive emotional mode and are therefore more stable and effective, which is important for professional success. The authors define the professional success of a teacher as a process and result of professional activity, characterized by a stable focus on professional self-development and professional achievements, goal setting and goal achievement, has a positive external and internal assessment. Therefore, it is the technology of the situation of success in learning that forms the algorithm of behavior of a successful teacher. The article reveals the essence of the application of technology in higher education institutions in the process of professional training of future teachers. An analysis of different learning styles; different types of students in relation to learning are characterized; depending on the style, the methods of application of success situations at different stages of formation of a teacher's professional success are determined. In accordance with the stages, the skills of successful activity are formed, the potential opportunities of each are revealed, the strategy of personal self-development aimed at success is built. The authors of the article came to the conclusion that the technology of creating a situation of success contributes to the formation of qualities, thinking and behavior of a modern teacher as a successful person.


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