• I. B. Tymofieieva Mariupol State University
Keywords: management, education system, institution of general secondary education


The article reveals the importance and relevance of the problem of improving the management of general secondary education, the need to improve the professional competence of teachers and the interaction of the education department with educational institutions from the standpoint of modern requirements for a competent teacher. It is analyzed that an effective system interaction of regional authorities with educational institutions will contribute to: improving the quality of educational services; ensuring access to education; meeting the needs of the regional sector in highly qualified pedagogical specialists. The necessary increase in the efficiency of teachers is described, as its results provide an opportunity to improve the professional work of teachers, to carry out their professional development, to identify the state of professional training and the need to improve the skills of teachers. The author conducted a thorough study of the interaction between the Department of Education and general secondary education institutions on the basis of cooperation with the Department of Education and the Department of Pedagogy and Education of Mariupol State University. This study is based on the theory of education management, because on its basis there is an opportunity for teachers in accordance with their interests to improve their professional level, to respond quickly to changes in the needs of students. It is emphasized that the assessment of professional development of teachers on the basis of the analysis of attestation, educational institutions conduct independently, independently of other institutions, departments of education, which has both positive and negative aspects. In this regard, the Department of Education to ensure the professional competence of teachers should focus its efforts on solving the problem of developing a strategy for the formation of qualified teaching staff and the choice of forms and methods of professional development of teachers. When managing human resources, it is advisable to pay attention to the ability of teachers to generate new ideas, their desire to regularly improve their educational, professional and qualification level, to be able to adapt to the conditions of educational reform.


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