• R. V. Dudyk Art Scientific Educational Institute of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University
Keywords: music impact, communication, music perception, child’s music development, emotional state


Nowadays the problem of music impact has turned to be more complicated and it has obtained a special meaning since the music perception has become of a massive and day-to-day character in modern society, where the entertaining part of music has got the priority. The positive impact of classical music on children has been proved by scientists who affirm that a certain frequency of classical music acoustic waves affect the children satisfaction centers and facilitate mental activity development. The music impact on versatile progress of personality development are ensured by close interrelation of aesthetic, moral, mental and physical education that can be achieved being provided by the usage of all professional forms of children music activity organization. The article investigates the process of the influence of classical music on the formation of the child's personality at the present stage of the development of science. The problem of music perception psychology through the analyses of one of the types of musical activities legitimacy (music perception that is linked not only with the peculiarities of the music, as it is, its language, but with the deep knowledge about human’s nature, his/her features) has been examined. The aim of the article is to study either positive or negative music impact; to examine the music impact on the process of children’s personality formation; to create the proper picture reflecting the process of music and man cooperation; to find out individual peculiarities and conditions of proper music perception. The some questions of child’s individuality music development have been highlighted. The attempt to examine the alternative methods of the preschoolers’ music education that will have a positive effect on emotional and physical state has been made in the article. The results of the research open a great perspective for further investigation of the music perception and psychological impact as the phenomenon of the dynamic development that has its own structure and the system of determination. Practical significance of the work is that the results of the research can be the base for creation of new effective methods of music therapy impact.


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