Keywords: private higher education, development stages, non-state higher education institution, Ukraine, Poland


The comparative analysis presented in this article aims to analyze the development of private higher education in Ukraine and Poland during the process of democratization from 1990 to 2010, the time when both countries underwent transformation processes of creating new democratic legislation and new market conditions. The authors have conducted the analysis of historical and social preconditions for private higher education formation in both countries. The necessity to analyse Polish experience and its contribution to the development of private higher education have been provided. The works of famous Polish and Ukrainian scientists on the given problem have been studied. The objectives of the article have been defined. The authors substantiate the theoretical, methodological and legislative principles of private higher education development in both countries. Analysing the dynamics of Ukrainian and Polish non-state higher education institutions development during the democratization period and considering legislative changes in the system of education of countries, their social and political peculiarities, the authors determined three different development stages of private HE in Ukraine and Poland and substantiated them. It was concluded that at the last stage the system of private higher education in both countries had been well organized and stabilized. The authors have found out not only common, but also distinctive characteristics of private higher education in two countries during three distinguished periods. The structural and functional features of private higher education institutions have been presented and the essential features of private higher education institutions of Ukraine and Poland in terms of institution types, student number and specialists’ training have been characterized. The authors formulate the proposals for possible ways to adapt Polish experience in private higher education in Ukraine, highlight the perspectives of their development and also provide suggestions for future research in the area of private higher education development.


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