• O. O. Olshanska
Keywords: colour nomination, symbol, colour paradigm, synaesthesia, modern poetry


The poetry of Maryna Bratsylo is the great phenomenon of Ukrainian literature of the late XX – early XXI centuries. The article deals with the interpretation of colour epithets in Maryna Bratsylo’s collection “Four Seasons of Love”. The method of textual research combines the techniques of cultural and historical, biographical and receptive-aesthetic analysis. In the collection’s poetic depiction each season has its dominating colour paradigm whose symbolic meaning greatly enriches the overall interpretative vision of every single poem and each poetic cycle of the collection. The poetess makes certain colours reoccur in the adjacent poetic cycles thus creating the colour motives whose symbolic potential reveals itself differently depending on the season you regard. The grey colour which dominates in the autumn cycle later reappears in winter poems thus creating a background for the bright accents and making them more vivid on such foil. The rich orange colour that readers encounter in the winter cycle implies the sunlight, vitality, warmth and conveys the positive spectrum of emotions. With the change of seasons the dominant colour also transforms retaining its major characteristics and acquiring the new ones when combined with the new epithets. The orange accents of winter change their intensity and turn into the golden hues of spring and the poetess combines them with lilac colour typical for this season. The lilac colouring when used in the summer cycle acquires more density and becomes richer in violet tints. The combination of yellow and blue creates the green colouring with the symbolic semantics of youth and blossomimg of life in full swing. The poetess also employs the synesthetic realization of colours relating the visual aspect to olfactory senses and tastes. Transparency creates the overarching colour motif of the whole collection – in itself it contains the possibility of every colour and endows the poems with the feeling of natural lightness. So, the palette created by Maryna Bratsylo referring to the traditional colour semantics enables some unique interpretations that are rooted in the poetess’s view of the world.


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