• M. M. Khoroshkov
  • T. S. Tiutiuma
Keywords: science fiction, detective, postmodern novel, artistic world


This article is devoted to the analysis of the artistic peculiarities of the novels “The Shadow of Progenitor”, “The Nest” and also “To See The Alcor” by Volodymyr Eshkilev. These novels represent examples of such genres as science fiction and detective stories. They incorporate the popular fiction features: intriguing plots, provocations and twists, active creation of myths, usage of mason themes, esoteric studies, the mysteries of the human race and history, etc. At the same time, the author’s work widens the genre borders of modern novel, making Ukrainian popular literature more accessible to a broader audience.

Therefore, the purpose of the article is to cover the main parameters of the artistic world of Eshkilev’s novels, characterization of the plot structure of the texts, by means of which the author attempts to create the meta-historical model of the world, to show the two sides of the human world with its eternal battle of good and evil, the sacred and the sins, the true knowledge and falsehood. This idea goes through all the work of the author and can even be found in the fantasy novels “The shadow of Progenitor” and “The Nest”.

Through the world of his novels V. Eshkilev is trying to unite the past and present, as well as looking into the future of the humanity. The author is practically a “postmodern demiurge” ‒ the creator of his own artistic world, that is based on a mythological interpretation of the past, esoteric explanation of the present (such novels as “The Goddess and The Consultant” and “To See The Alcor”) and also futuristic reading of what is to come (found in the novel trilogy “Farengo”).

All his work is united by the author’s concept of the world, in which there is a constant battle of good and evil, of order and chaos, of light and dark. A person must make a choice and his characters are to choose which side they are on. This is the pinnacle of the author’s artistic world as well as his view of it.

Therefore, even though the novels of V. Eshkilev are oriented to the mass reader and have light and entertaining plots of popular fiction genre, they outline the postmodern artistic tendencies and the corresponding view of the world.

The adventure settings, detective plots, erotic scenes, play on myths and cultural codes, active storytelling and creating of the alternate reality, provocativeness and cockiness, at times, the ease of the writing ‒ are all the characteristics of the author’s style. It is also worth mentioning that such novels as “The Shadow of Progenitor” and “The Nest” are great examples of highly underrepresented in modern Ukrainian literature genre of science fiction.



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