• L. M. Rybalko National University “Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic”
Keywords: health-saving technologies, system of physical education, pedagogical technologies, health-saving and health-building competence


In the article the problem of health-saving technologies in the system of physical education of student youth. The isolation of scientific approaches broadens the notion of the concept of “health-saving technologies” and makes it possible to understand it as a systematic method of programming goals, constructing content, techniques, means of education and education, aimed at increasing the level of individual health, the formation of healthy health and developmental competencies, and creation of a health-saving educational environment in an educational institution in the context of monitoring the state of health of the subjects of the educational process. Within the studied problem, healthcare-saving technologies in the system of physical education are considered as a system of health and sports activities and methodical techniques that ensure the formation, strengthening and preservation of students’ health and direct the educational process to form their health and health and developmental competencies, healthy lifestyle habits and a relevant culture of health. The content of health-saving technologies in the system of physical education determines the main healthprotective components: axiological (formation of value orientations on health as the highest vital value); epistemological (formation of a system of scientific knowledge about the basics of health, practical skills and habits of healthy lifestyle management, safe behavior in society); ecological (awareness of the unity of man and nature, the dependence of human health on the ecological state of the environment, the formation of the value relation of man to nature); emotional-volitional (formation of a stable emotional behavior, such qualities of the person as: organization, responsibility, duty, honor, dignity); physical culture and health (formation of physical qualities and high adaptive possibilities of the organism by means of the system of physical exercises and sports training, increase of motor activity and hardening of the organism); activity (compliance with the diet, proper alternation of work and rest, prevention of harmful habits, functional disorders and diseases).


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