• O. V. Shubna Donbas State Engineering Academy
  • О. V. Tolstikovа Myronivska Comprehensive School of I–III Degrees № 2 of Bakhmut District Council of Donetsk Region
  • I. F. Vengrina Myronivska Comprehensive School of I–III Degrees № 2 of Bakhmut District Council of Donetsk Region
Keywords: new Ukrainian school, educational trajectory, innovative technologies, scientific and methodological work, teacher, teaching staff, general secondary education


The main directions of activity of the New Ukrainian School are defined in the article, which show that before the pedagogical science and practice there are a number of complex and responsible tasks related to the introduction of formal models of professional growth of teachers through the creation of innovative offline and online products, such as : summer schools, group and individual trainings, courses, review and analysis of lessons, coaching and mentoring, conferences, seminars, workshops, professional community training, selfeducation and more. The structure of the New Ukrainian School and its target groups are presented. It is proved that among non-traditional forms of organization of scientific and methodological work with pedagogical personnel in creative groups it is necessary to introduce innovative technologies widely: pedagogical modeling technologies; project technologies; technologies for solving professional problems in specific situations, checking the correctness and effectiveness of solving and making the necessary adjustments; problembased learning technologies; technologies that develop reflective actions; technologies for the development of a new culture; diagnostic technologies; multimedia technologies. It is substantiated that the success of forming an individual educational trajectory will depend on the level of formation of the reflective culture of the teacher and the skills of designing their own development. An individual educational trajectory of the teacher's professional development is offered, which allows the teacher to construct his or her own educational route by filling it in a meaningful way, while working on the lead. It is proved that to increase the readiness of teachers for innovative activities for the formation of social activity of students it is necessary to create a holistic system of methodological support, which would be based on monitoring the educational activities of teachers of general secondary education. Based on the obtained data on the needs of the team and specific teachers, it is necessary to develop a system of training sessions, consultations and other forms of work with the teaching staff to improve their pedagogical skills in various pedagogical problems.


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