• S. R. Khliebik Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University
Keywords: educational potential, theater art, socio-cultural experience, selfregulation, self-knowledge, emotional intellect


This article is dedicated to actual problems of theater technologies usage as one of the conditions of social and creative personality. We have analyzed such methods and approaches to educational influence of the art which stimulate personality`s acknowledgment of social experience, its social and creative development and correspond to integrity of personality development. Questions of social and creative development of the personality are fundamentally described in philosophical and psychological and pedagogical literature. Based on the analysis of scientific resources enabled us to make a conclusion that social and creative personality has a social active and creative profile. Its activity is focused on upgrade and creation of new quality updated forms of social relationship and social reality. It also means mobilization of its intellectual, emotional and physical power which enable him to open abilities, concentrate energy on achievement of society interests. While active participation of the personality in the youth theater creative development takes place. Communication with the art of theater forms personal attitude to the heros and actions which take place in formation of empathetic emotions. It forms special emotional attitude to the surrounding world, ability to the empathy to the heros and actions, actively participate in the actions which take place in the theater. This is the way how personal deep and strong knowledge are formed as well as general and concrete ways of actions. They develop and form internal scheme as basis of practical activity. As a result of obtained social cultural experience is activation of self conscious activity and development of this basic integrity personality skill – empathy, co-creativity which influence the change of the current or building of the new ways of behaviour in correspondence with social rules and human attitude to the environment.


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