• I. I. Nazarenko Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy
  • T. S. Alipova Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy
Keywords: physical education, motivation, physical activity, calisthenics, distance learning, students, quarantine


In this article considered the influence of distance learning on the physical activity, of students and on the level of their sports fitness. The modern state of physical fitness of students researched, previous researches on the problem are analyzed and established that there is a tendency to reduce volume of physical activity of student youth, reducing motivation to engage in physical culture and sports. This negatively affects the physical development, physical fitness and functional condition of young people, which determines the special social significance of maintaining and strengthening the health of student youth. The results of the comparative analysis of indicators of physical fitness of students of the Ukrainian engineering and pedagogical academy are resulted, which allow to state that provides decrease in level of physical training after quarantine. The problems of deterioration of health and physical fitness of students, which are a consequence of unconscious attitude to their health, to a healthy lifestyle, work and rest regime, are considered. Current problems of quality of distance learning, issues of correction and improvement of the system of physical education in a pandemic are outlined. The most important component of the learning process should be the independent work of students and their conscious attitude to their own health. With sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of physical training, they will be able to ensure the preservation and strengthening of their physical and psychological health. It is pointed out the need to conduct educational work among student youth and instill in them a love for a healthy lifestyle, development of interest and habits for independent physical education and sports. As a result of research, the need to correct the educational process of physical education of students in the current situation in Ukraine and in the world as a whole, the need for teachers to master the latest digital technologies, the need to use the most successful methods for students to master the curriculum at home, the need for selection of such video lectures, workshops, creation and a set of exercises for the development of physical qualities that do not require special equipment, inventory and can be performed at ho me.


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