• L. O. Sushchenko Zaporizhzhia National University
  • R. V. Sushchenko National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”
Keywords: civilization changes, learning environment, school, innovation, innovation, innovation mode, innovative educational activities


On the basis of a detailed theoretical analysis of the scientific achievements of the author defines the essence characteristics of innovation in education; summarizes the performance of innovative educational activities; described the priorities of the institution, working in an innovative mode, and is accented on the need to transform the current paradigm of education. The features innovative pedagogical activity as a powerful resource quality educational change. Proved that innovative practices based on empirical knowledge of new means of interaction in the process of co-creation scientists and teachers on the basis of improving professional skills, design and creation of new educational technologies, development of educational work. It was shown skill introducing innovative practices and achieve productive results in training and education are the product of creative practice, because scientific laws also implemented in various personal and productive result. Under the innovative teaching we consider the productive activity of teachers, which is the transformation of innovation into innovation (during novelty refers to a phenomenon that carries the essence of the method, technique, and technology of new content, while innovation is – a new organization). Determined that the driving force of innovation is the personality of the teacher, we note that this professor, teacher or caregiver has a wide range of opportunities and innovation capacity in implementing creativity. For teachers working in the innovation mode, focus particularly important for sustainable development; transferring the object to a new, qualitatively different state; creating, acquiring and implementing new tools (using specially developed algorithms transform teaching ideas on educational technology); a special kind of creative activity aimed at a high level of professionalism of the teaching staff and new horizons for personal and professional growth of its members.


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