• Yu. P. Taranenko Berdyansk State Pedagogical University
Keywords: Training of the future teachers of choreography, choreographic creative tasks, choreographic knowledge, abilities, skills, professionally focused and innovative activity


In article it is explained an essence of the professional focused training of the future teachers of choreography for work with young school students. The author notes relevance of a problem of training of the future teachers of choreography capable to work with pupils of elementary school as in school and out-of-school institutions of education. In article the choreographic activity is considered as synthesis of physical and esthetic development of young school students and has positively influence with saving of their health, satisfactions of artly creative requirements, promotes development of national consciousness and so forth. Highlighted the general pedagogical, performing and choreographic knowledge, skills of the future experts necessary for implementation of art and creative development of children of young school. In the course of the professional focused training of the future teachers of choreography at the Berdyansk State Pedagogical University we specially modelled pedagogical situations which could be solved with the help of a system of choreographic and creative tasks. The use of these tasks contributed to the independent selection of professional tasks by applicants, the development of the ability to analyze problem situations, specific psychological and pedagogical conditions of their occurrence and find solutions. In article it is provided examples of pedagogical situations and their solutions by disciplines of the professional direction, namely: “Theory and technique of modern dance” and “Theory and technique of work with choreographic collective”. It is noted that future teachers of choreography, solving choreographic and creative tasks, had an opportunity to bring in something special, to model lessons with young school students, to show ability to improvise, to creatively think and analyze the activity and others, promoted searching of own tasks of development of their artly creative abilities for young school students. The formation of new pedagogical thinking on further choreographic activities with younger students was facilitated by the active introduction of various forms and methods of work in the professionally-oriented training of the future choreographers. It is proved that formation of readiness of the students of choreography for development of artly creative abilities of young school students was promoted by the practice-focused nature of educational process.


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