• I. I. Ilchenko
Keywords: toponym, toponym system, toponymykon, hrononym, hronotop


Proper names are an integral part of folklore texts processed by the writer; they express functional correlations of temporal and spatial relations that are artistically transformed in the frames of literary works and therefore they are specific markers of historical and mythological time and space.

The following groups of topolexis belong to these time and space actualizators of “Urinary Treasury” collection. Among all these groups onomastic vocabulary is the most significant in creating spatial orientation of the text. Among the names of real geographic objects that are time and space actualizators, proper names of following onomastic vocabulary groups are distinguished: hrononyms, oykonyms, dromonyms, insulonyms, hydronyms and others.

In the studied and adapted by V.A. Chabanenko folklore texts of Lower Dnieper Ukraine legends and tales there coexist different types of chronotope, among which the real one is the basis of plot and event literary works canvas. Existing oykonyms are in the center of real time and space, they are represented by their proper name, which is a combination  of  chronotopical  and  nominative  functions.  That  is,  in  one  case  onyms  simultaneously  present chronotopical function, denoting the historical time and space, and nominative one, indicating the geographic area. The toponyms of “Urinary Treasury” also perform chronological function. This function becomes leading where an onym performs specific time and place, or only one of these two coordinates. The events described in the texts of the collection happen in a certain space and time. Toponyms are often used as auxiliary elements to characterize and describe events, occurrences. Combination of different toponyms creates toponymic field. Proper names of this onomastic vocabulary group permit determining accurate coordinates in space and time of various historical events. Thus, the spatial and temporal specification in the author’s treatment of Lower Dnieper Ukraine legends and tales performed by V.A. Chabanenko is achieved by introducing a large number of different proper names of various toponymic vocabulary groups to the text. Real toponyms are the most important in creating spatial and temporal orientation of the text. Ancient period events modeling involves reconstruction of the historical colouring of that time, which is manifested in the use of proper names that simultaneously indicate real or lost geographic object and are a specific time representative.



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