Collection of scientific works “Financial Strategies of Innovative Economic Development” was founded in 2006 and approved as a scientific professional publication in which the results of the dissertation works for obtaining the scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of science, as well as the degree of doctor of philosophy in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated  March 17, 2020 № 409 may be published.

The main purpose of the collection of scientific works «Financial Strategies of Innovative Economic Development» is the creation of favourable conditions for the development of economic science in the context of modern micro- and macro transformations by covering the results of original scientific studies of domestic and foreign authors. The main issues addressed in the collection are related to economics and enterprise management, economic and mathematical modelling, information technologies in economics, theoretical and applied aspects of economic processes in Ukraine and the world, finance and money circulation, labour economics, personnel management, marketing and financial and economic security.

Collection tasks:

- coverage of the results of research in the field of economics, characterized by a high level of relevance, reliability and scientific novelty;

- ensuring compliance with the established requirements for the scientific periodicals of Ukraine;

- involvement of foreign experts in cooperation and peer review of articles;

- increasing the attractiveness of the collection for readers through careful selection of manuscripts and the publication of high-quality scientific research.