General information

Zaporizhzhia National University, Faculty of Economics issues a professional collection of scientific papers “Financial Strategies of Innovative Economic Development”, which included in the international Index Copernicus database.

Articles in the Bulletin are placed in the following sections:

  1. Economics and business management.
  2. Economic and mathematical modelling and information technology in the economy.
  3. Market mechanisms of accounting, analysis and audit in the national economy.
  4. Theoretical and applied aspects of economic processes in Ukraine and in the world.
  5. Finance and money turnover.
  6. Labour economics, personnel management and marketing.
  7. Project management and financial and economic security amid globalization.

To publish an article, the author must send on e-mail

  1. Text of the article.
  2. Extract of the record of the board meeting of the department with recommendation of the article for publishing (scan copy).
  3. For postgraduate students and authors without a degree, a review of a doctor or candidate of science in the relevant field of science (scan copy).
  4. Information about the author(s):

 Full name

 ORCID (required)

 Name of higher education institution

 Name of the department

 Position, academic degree, academic title

 Title of the article

 The name of the sections to which the article has been prepared



 Address (the address where the printed copy will be sent)

Pay attention!  The text of the article may be subject to editorial corrections previously agreed with the authors.  The decision to publish the article is made by the editorial board on the results of the review.  Payment for publication is made ONLY after deciding whether to recommend the article in print.

 The article posting files should be named as follows:

 Lastname_article.doc, Last name_author.doc, Last name_review.doc, Last name_pay.doc.