Requirements for the design of articles

From № 2 (42), 2019 collection of scientific papers “Bulletin of the Zaporizhzhia National University. Economic Sciences” is published only in English.

The article is submitted for revision in Ukrainian or Russian.  After an internal review, it is mandatory to have the article translated into English.  The translation must be professional, in no case using an online translator.  10-page scientific articles that are relevant to the subject of the series and contain new scientific results not previously published are accepted for publication.

The text of the article, which is submitted for consideration in Ukrainian or Russian, should be constructed in the following way:

  • UDC index in the upper left corner of the letter (Times New Roman, 14 pt., normal);
  • Title of the article in capital letters (centered, Times New Roman, 14 pt, bold);
  • Name of authors, academic degree, position (centered, Times New Roman, 14 pt, normal);
  • University name (centered, Times New Roman, 14 pt, cursive);
  • Full address of the university or place of work of the author (centered, Times New Roman, 14 pt, cursive);
  • email address (centered, Times New Roman, 14 pt, normal);
  • Abstract (200-250 words), containing a concise wording of the content of the article (page width alignment, Times New Roman, 14 pt., normal);
  • Keywords (up to 10 words) (page width, Times New Roman, 14 pt, cursive).

 After that, the main text of the article (Times New Roman, 14 pt, line spacing 1.5) is outlined in the paragraph.

Structure of the main part of the manuscript in Ukrainian / Russian:

  1. Formulation of the problem in general form and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks.
  2. Analysis of recent studies and publications in which the problem is solved and relied on by the author (with obligatory references to the scientific literature used!), Highlighting the unresolved issues of the general problem that this article focuses on.

 Note to Authors: In this section you need to consider in detail the basic research findings of at least 4-5 scientists with respect to your chosen research topic, with a compulsory reference to their work.

 III.  Objectives of the article (formulation of the task).

  1. The main material of the research with full justification of scientific results.
  2. Conclusions and prospects for further research in this area.
  3. References. (References.pdf)

The presentation of the article material should be consistent, logically complete, with clear wording that eliminates double interpretation or misunderstanding of the information; the language of the text must conform to literary standards, be professional and concise.  The author is obliged to ensure high scientific level of the presented material, completeness and systematic coverage of the issue, accuracy of the results and given data, correct citation and references to literary sources.


The scheme for constructing an English-language article is similar to the Ukrainian / Russian version.

Note to the authors: After the abstract and keywords in English, this block of information (except UDC) should also be provided in Ukrainian.

For the authors' attention: the bibliography in English is made according to the international bibliographic standard АРА. 


Technical requirements for articles in Ukrainian or English:

The author uses the A4 format with margins on each side - 2 cm. The paragraph order is indented 1.25.  Times New Roman font, font size 14 pt; line spacing - 1.5.

Note to authors: If necessary, font fonts in tables and figures are allowed to use the Courier New font (for example, to illustrate computer program texts).  For stylistic selection of text fragments, cursive, bold, bold cursive should be used to preserve the headset, font size, and paragraph spacing.

The footnotes, figures and tables, as well as the captions, use the Times New Roman font, font size –10 pt; line spacing - 1.

IMPORTANT: Each drawing is included in the text as a single graphic object (using the "Grouping" function), the position of the object "In the text".

The following is not allowed in the design of the article: underline in headings, captions and captions;  the beginning of a page with an incomplete line, the end of the page with one or more blank lines, except for the end of the article and cases caused by the need to avoid hanging subheadings and the beginning of the paragraph at the end of the page;  hyphenation of words in the text of the article;  frequent use of footnotes, which should be considered as an exception and should only be used when absolutely necessary).