Keywords: financial stability, target capital structure, capital structure optimization, financial leverage, operational and financial leverage, return on capital, weighted average cost of capital


In the article essence of optimization of capital structure is investigational as an important condition of providing of financial firmness of enterprise. Functioning of subjects of menage in the modern economic terms of competition and increase of financial risks require permanent effective control after financial results and level of financial firmness. The formed capital structure is the base factor of influence on the level of financial firmness and source of efficiency of activity of enterprise and increase of the combined cost of business that predetermines actuality and practical meaningfulness for the domestic enterprises of determination of methods of optimization of capital structure. Within the framework of the put aim intercommunication of capital of enterprise structure is educed with his financial firmness, essence of concept "optimization of capital structure" is exposed, it is found out, that the index of having a special purpose capital structure is determined on every enterprise individually on the basis of criteria of optimization and taking into account the having a special purpose reference-points of development of enterprises, description is given to the methods of optimization of capital structure and methodology over of their calculation is brought. The worked out classification of methods of adjusting of capital structure became a research result on three groups of methods and with working out in detail of every group on the criterion of optimization. On the basis of the educed and systematized advantages and lacks of the considered methods of adjusting of capital structure, expediency of application is reasonable at forming of the most rational capital of a few methods structure simultaneously with the aim of taking into account of criterion of maximization of profitability of property asset and increase of level of financial firmness of enterprise. The prospects of further researches in this direction are grounds of methodology of analysis of efficiency of management of capital a structure with the use of index of EVA.


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