• Y. Chazov
Keywords: efficiency, economic efficiency, efficiency indicators, approaches to evaluation of enterprise efficiency


The article provides a definition of efficiency, from an economic point of view. The general classification of efficiency indicators used for business evaluation is reflected. They, in turn, are divided at the level of qualifications: The level of economic activity, cost ratio, method of calculation, completeness of the components of costs and results, the object of evaluation, the stage of calculation, the method of calculation. The characteristic concerning each qualification sign is given. The main approaches to assessing the effectiveness of the enterprise are reflected. They are divided into: the classical approach, the concept of sustainable economic growth and modern theory of financial management. The characteristics of each of the approaches are given. It is concluded that the combination of these approaches and the identification of criteria that reflect the efficiency of the enterprise, but are not reflected in the main approaches to assessing the effectiveness of the enterprise.


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