• А.V. Cherep
  • N.М. Chernikova
Keywords: innovations, innovative development, innovative development of enterprises, retrospective and perspective analysis, priority directions, strategies of innovative development


The article presents the results of retrospective and prospective analysis of innovative development of enterprises. This research was conducted to study past experience on the selected theme and predict, on this basis, the further development of innovations. In particular, the theoretical issues of innovative development of enterprises, the state of the legal framework in this area, the interpretation of this definition by domestic and foreign scientists of different times are studied. Prerequisites for effective innovative development of enterprises are established. An analysis of the main indicators of innovative development of enterprises is performed, which shows a negative trend over the past ten years, both in terms of the number of researchers and innovation-active enterprises, the level of their funding, and the number of implemented innovative products and processes. The discrepancy between the actual indicators of innovative development of enterprises and planned in the Strategy of Innovative Development of Ukraine for the period 2013–2020 has been established. The peculiarities, obligatory conditions and priority directions of innovative development of enterprises in modern conditions are determined. The experience of developed countries is studied in supporting and stimulating business to actively implement innovations and a set of measures on the prospects of such development in Ukraine is given. The interrelation of innovative development of enterprises with the main directions of digitalization is established. The main elements of the strategy of innovative development of enterprises are revealed and its perspective directions are offered. Based on the existing opportunities and obstacles to the innovative development of enterprises, a conclusion is made about the need and importance of this issue in modern business conditions.


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