• S.M. Tkachenko
Keywords: competitiveness, industrial enterprises, potential of competitiveness of enterprise, strategic management of enterprise, management conceptions, innovative competitiveness, case an innovative process frame, a competitiveness


An estimation and strategic management of enterprise a competitiveness are investigated in the article. Considered basic conceptions of management and question of improvement of management innovations that is sent to the increase of competitiveness of enterprise. Reasonably, that the important aspect of the system of providing of the proper level of competitiveness of enterprise is a process of his evaluation, during that appear him strengths and weaknesses, hidden possibilities and potential threats, that in further gives an opportunity effectively to plan and develop activity on the basis of competitive edges. Determination of level of competitiveness of enterprise is the initial moment of planning of his activity and development of strategy of competitiveness. For functioning of organizationallyeconomic mechanism of providing of competitiveness of enterprise necessary system of estimation of competitiveness, that would take into account interests of investors, enterprises, consumers, state. Attention is accented on that absence of the only understanding stipulated the core concepts of competitiveness of enterprise ambiguousness of interpretation of this category. In modern market conditions enterprises operate in a competition environment. Drawn conclusion, that for providing of effective activity to the enterprises it is needed to study a competition environment, determine competitive edges and competitiveness. Certainly, that different approaches are to determination of competitiveness of enterprise. Drawn conclusion that competitiveness of enterprise it: comparative advantage, difference or relative description, index; property of management (subject of market relations) object to satisfy necessities; system of indexes of competitiveness and efficiency; total score of firmness of work of enterprise, effective use of resources, ability to resist or produce and sell off goods and services; ability to sustain competition at the market; touched market share; a criterion of exit of enterprise is to the commodity markets; flexibility and adaptivity; level of competense of enterprise; priority aspects of competitiveness are taking into account interests of the interested users of information about a competitiveness; quality and competitiveness of products that is produced. Drawn conclusion, that the levers of increase of level of competitiveness of enterprise are factors of competitiveness. Establishments of determinatives of competitiveness carry out after their influence and depending on aims and tasks of management a competitiveness.


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