• V.P. Gryn
Keywords: determinants, strategic management, accounting, strategic accounting, strategic recording, social environment, strategic reporting policy, institutional accounting theory, strategic management


Nowadays it is the constant object for implementing improvements, which is substantiated by the development of the business management system in the context of their organizational structure’s and inter-firm relationship systems` amplification, increasing dynamism of the competitive environment. The relevance of the study of theoretical aspects and practical mechanisms for implementing strategic adjustments to the accounting and reporting policy of the enterprise is proved. The concept of strategic adjustment of the enterprise reporting policy is revealed. The role of accounting theory in the formation of the theoretical foundations of strategic accounting policy of the enterprise is analyzed. The role and purpose of strategic additional reporting in achieving the strategic goals of the enterprise are determined. The causal connections of understanding the information about the accounting policy as a source of formation of accounting signals for external users are revealed. The concept of additional disclosure of accounting information of the enterprise as the transfer of information through additional forms of reporting, which goes beyond the current regulatory requirements or accounting standards set by the regulators of the national accounting system. The need for the formation of strategic accounting policy in the context of reporting based on the strategic objectives defined at the enterprise. The dependence of the achievement of the strategic goals of the enterprise on the disclosure of promising accounting information and on additional detailed or more complete information about its current and past activities is substantiated. General tendencies of further accounting system advancement to meet strategic management stakeholders` needs have been emphasized and proved.


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