• N.O. Duhienko
  • N.S. Venherska
  • A.O. Osaul
Keywords: international investment activity, international investment production, foreign direct investment, sustainable development, transnationalization, pandemic


The features of international investment activity amid pandemic have been revealed in the article. Current position of international investment activity affected by the pandemic and international investment policy have been analyzed. The quarantine has slowed down international investment projects, that is why governments have imposed new investment restrictions. In addition to the pandemic, international investment processes have been affected by the next factors: new industrial revolution, political shifts toward greater economic nationalism, and sustainability trends. These determinants will have long term impact on the configuration of international production over the decade to 2030. The analysis of foreign direct investment in Ukraine have been carried out and the problems of attracting investments in the context of economic security have been determined. Strategic trends of foreign direct investment in Ukraine have been revealed to achieve sustainable development goals, high level of economic security and minimization of the pandemic consequences. Recommendations for the formation of Ukraine's international innovation and investment strategy in the context of integration processes and transnationalization of the economy have been proposed. Regulation of international investment activity in Ukraine should be aimed at creating an effective legal framework, attractive investment climate, and appropriate institutional support. It is necessary to respond to the problems of mobilization, directions and return of investments, including sustainable development goals and the concepts of national investment policy.


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