Keywords: fixed assets, international accounting standards, accounting regulations, accounting organization, depreciation.


The article presents the results of a comparative analysis of international experience and national practice of accounting for fixed assets at the enterprise. At the same time, special attention is required to research and improve the accounting of fixed assets, because they occupy a specific weight of non-current tangible assets of the enterprise. It is proved that today's conditions of harmonization of the national accounting model with the model according to international standards determine new aspects of development and ensuring the improvement of the organizational and methodological nature of fixed assets. The article analyzes the international experience, method and efficiency of application in the economic activity of the enterprise of accounting according to international standards, as well as a comparison of practical application with national standards in terms of active adaptive technical progress. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of theoretical aspects of recognition of fixed assets, accounting for the initial valuation of assets, revaluation of fixed assets, the method of depreciation in Ukraine and in developed countries. In particular, the differences between national and international standards in terms of approaches to the use of accounting estimates in the receipt of fixed assets and their operation are analyzed. It is substantiated that in the process of European integration of Ukraine the creation of a quality accounting system to ensure investment and innovation processes becomes relevant. Particular attention should be paid to the optimal choice of depreciation policy, the abandonment of the fiscal approach to depreciation in favour of economic. Scientifically substantiated proposals are presented to improve the procedure for revaluation of fixed assets in order to provide information for management decisions on the choice of depreciation method, which will satisfy the specifics of a particular enterprise.


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Lyshchenko , O. G., & Kuripka , T. E. (2020). ACCOUNTING OF FIXED ASSETS: INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE AND NATIONAL PRACTICE. Bulletin of Zaporizhzhia National University. Economic Sciences, (2 (46), 31-34. Retrieved from
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