Keywords: budgeting, budget, digital economy, business digitalization.


One of the main conditions for the successful functioning of a business is the effective management of entrepreneurial activity. A significant role in the overall business management system belongs to planning and, in particular, to its budgeting form, which is a process of coordinated planning and management of the organization’s activities with the help of budgets and economic indicators, which allow determining the contribution of each department and each manager to the achievement of common goals. When analyzing the budgeting process as an element of business management, it is necessary to highlight the theoretical and practical components. At the same time, along with definitions of budgeting, the theoretical component is based on such concepts as budget properties, its features and types. It is proved that the possibilities of improving the budgeting system are expanding significantly in the digital economy. The digital business transformation will create new values for consumers, change partnership strategies with an aim to increase competitiveness, as well as will create new business models, including budgeting models, and make faster more accurate and correct management decisions in business.


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