Keywords: GDP, number of visitors, tourism revenue, tourism expenditures, tourism industry, Ease of Doing Business Index, military conflicts.


The article examines the state of GDP of, Georgia and Croatia for the period 1997-2019, analyzes the development of the tourism industry of these countries from 1997 to 2018 considers trends and problems of development of this industry in the context of development. It is noted that Croatia took the vector of economic development to join the EU and carried out the relevant reforms, Georgia - created favorable investment conditions for economic development, without having an opportunity quickly carry out European integration, Ukraine since the beginning of obtaining independence could not make a choice between the European Union and the post-Soviet countries, slowing down the process of introducing the necessary reforms to the country. Emphasis is placed on the state of the economy after the necessary reforms to the country. The article reveals the importance of tourism revenue in the composition of gross domestic product (GDP). Research is conducted on the number of tourists, GDP growth and tourism revenue based on statistical analysis. The problems of tourism development in Ukraine are considered: unfulfilled reforms, unfavorable investment climate of the country, restrictions on the freedom to conduct business, the solutions of which can have a positive impact on the further development of the industry and economy. The economic conditions in which the tourism industry of the above countries exists based on the Ease of Doing Business Index.


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