Keywords: offshore zones, capital, efficiency, investments, capital outflow.


The article deals with the main aspects of capital outflow to offshore zones. The essence of the concept of "offshore zones", "capital outflow" and "free economic zones" are investigated. The volumes of attracted direct investments and their use in 2018 and 2019 are compared. The classification of offshore zones by degree of reliability is determined. The factors of influence of activity of offshore zones on the economy of the state are specified.  Offshore zones such as Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands have been analyzed. A set of measures to reduce capital outflow from Ukraine has been developed and proposed. The negative and positive effects of offshore zones activity on the economy of our country are highlighted. The proposals for improving the investment situation in Ukraine have been identified. Have been identified which offshore areas are flowing out of the country, as well as a list of countries that are the largest investors. The most influential offshore zones, such as Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands, have been characterized. A set of measures to reduce capital flight from Ukraine was formed also.


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