Keywords: agricultural receipt, loan, agricultural producer, future harvest.


The article is devoted to the study of the functioning of agrarian receipts in Ukraine, their features, prospects for development. In the work analysed programs for financing agricultural producers in 2020, such as "Financial support for measures in the agro-industrial complex by reducing the cost of loans", "Financial support for agricultural development", "Granting loans to farmers" and determined the rate of increase of financial support in 2020 to 2019. The agricultural index, its importance in different years and the program of state support for agriculture of the agro-industrial complex - 2020 are considered, the sectors that are priorities this year are considered and their financing. The term is "agrarian receipt", its classification and introduction of this instrument in Ukraine has been also defined. The conditions of granting loans to them are the amount of granting, at what interest rate for what term and under what collateral they are given in banks of Ukraine (Pravex Bank JSC OTP Bank JSC Piraeus Bank ICD JSC PJSC First Ukrainian International Bank JSC KB "Privatbank" JSC "Agroprosperis Bank"). The number of submitted agricultural receipts by regions, their advantages and disadvantages are also analyzed. The article compared the number of preferential loans and loans for agrarian receipts, and identified the problems of developing lending for future harvests, such as farmers' distrust of the new lending instrument. However, suggestions have been made to improve the operation of this tool in Ukraine.


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