Keywords: insurance, marketing potential, insurance marketing, insurance marketing innovations, an insurance product, Internet - marketing.


The article identifies that introduction of insurance marketing requires the creation of an appropriate service or department that studies the marketing environment, analyzes the market situation and provides advice for successful market promotion. To improve the competitiveness of insurance companies is important to the organization of marketing service, which will ensure the timely provision of necessary and reliable information and will provide an opportunity to reduce the losses, to attract new customers and introduce new insurance services. Developed the stages of implementation of marketing activities of the insurance company. It is proved that the result of the development of information technologies were the changes in consumer behavior that led to the creation of alternative sales channels. According to the author, the main objective of innovative activity of the insurer is to bring insurance services to the existing needs of the policyholder in insurance coverage. Describes the main development trends of the Ukrainian insurance market. Identified key factors contributing to low levels of use of marketing potential of subjects of the insurance market of Ukraine. Proved that the dynamic development and significant potential of the insurance market of Ukraine provide for the establishment and effective management of the marketing activities of insurance companies. The author believes that today the population is the low level of insurance culture and trust companies through the lack of information about the insurance market and its individual segments, and the use of marketing capabilities will have a positive impact not only on the activities of individual insurance companies, but also on the development of the entire insurance market of Ukraine. Further development of theoretical propositions about the need for ways of improvement of innovative activity of the insurer.


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