Keywords: labor resources, management, vector of strategic management, strategy of management, business, life cycle of business, innovative technology


In a general sense, an enterprise strategy is associated with its long-term goals, providing a roadmap for development taking into account existing labor, financial, information resources, allowing you to focus on specific problems. Accordingly, an important role in this case is played by personnel, performing the tasks defined at each stage. The problem of many enterprises is to change the existing management system after the adoption of a common strategy. This may be due to the reluctance of staff to restructure their thinking, the inefficient use of human capital, and also due to little experience and professionalism. The manpower is the country's population with individual qualities and properties (knowledge, skills, abilities, health, psychology) that affect the ability to work. Also, the company's labor resources include quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the organization’s personnel as an important resource related to the fulfillment and achievement of the goals of long-term development. The security of the enterprise with labor resources is determined by comparing the actual number of employees by categories with their planned needs. The completion of frames is one of the key elements of the service robot personnel management be either an organization, so as to provide an opportunity to store the effectiveness of the entire organization. Personnel strategy of the enterprise is a part of the organization and management process. So, the ranks "core" on which the whole system of personnel management is organized. Without a strategic vector, you can’t do without development, because its functionality is wide in a wide range of problems that you need to stand in front of the organization. The personnel strategy is presented at the top view of principles and principles, which means to directly and fundamentally interact with personnel. For the additional personnel strategy, realizable values and personnel management. The main method of personnel strategy is to secure the personnel balance, to improve the staffing process and to save the number of employees in a special warehouse, as well as the need for organization and formation of a contingent pension plan. Also, it is part of the personnel strategy to come in to optimize productivity and increase labor turnover. This article shows the need for meeting the requirements of strategic strategies for personnel with the effective employment potential of employees. Considered the strategy of managing labor resources in the implementation of personnel policies. Selected vectors of strategic management of labor resources and strategic management in deposits of a different type. The analysis of the vector of strategic management and the type of strategy in the deposits in the live cycle of the enterprise has been analyzed. The article deals with the development of victorious winter types on stages, as well as a combination of strategic strategy. The use of innovative technologies in personnel policy during the crisis is proposed.


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Labour economics, personnel management and marketing