corporate management, deterministic chaos, financial strategy, competitiveness.

Keywords: corporate management, deterministic chaos, financial strategy, competitiveness.


The article considers topical issues of forming corporate financial strategy in the real sector of the economy. It has been shown that the development and implementation of winning strategies, "creating the future" requires the identification or the use of fundamentally new opportunities. The pioneer always gets the right to form their own rules of the game, to stabilize the novelty. This is facilitated by the application of chaos theory, which allows to create methods for diagnostics secret effects, manipulation and destructive latent management of competitiveness and strategy development.

It is noted that corporate financial strategy is an integral part and an important element of the management system of the enterprise, occupying a central place among its functional strategies, determines the main directions of improving the management of its financial activities and financial relations with counterparties. The complexity of strategy formation connects with the need of taking into account many dynamic, vague, not always formalized goals and guidelines so appear probability of forming strategy on the basis of conflicting guidelines. Thus, the strategy is a model of goals, actions, capabilities of the corporation for strategic perspective, based on the creation and implementation of which the organizing and managing of financial and other resources of a system is put down. The ideal system can be considered such a system that by changing the strategy of its behavior at some stage of development adapts to the existing projected dynamics of the environment and stabilizes its entropy at the natural level.


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