Keywords: sustainable development, housing and communal services, HOA, management companies, competitive environment.


The Strategy for Stable Development «Ukraine – 2020» refers to the implementation of the housing and communal reform as one of the defining vectors for the development of the country, its regions and cities. The housing and communal sector, as an important socio-economic activity, provides the population with much-needed housing and public utilities. The provision of high-quality housing and communal services is linked to the need for a comprehensive transformation of the defining principles of the housing and communal sector functioning in Ukraine [1] and the improvement of budgeting technology in this area, reforming its State regulatory system. Political factors, loss of macroeconomic stability, lack of a clear forecasting methodology, inadequate State Management of budgetary resources hamper the development of the domestic housing and communal services market.

All this leads not only to an overestimation of the housing and communal services cost, but also to a gradual deterioration in their quality. For this reason, it is relevant and useful to find out the theoretical and practical bases for the operation of enterprises and organizations that provide housing and communal services, taking into account the problems of their transformation to an open economy. One of the prerequisites for a qualitatively new transformation of the housing and communal sector in Ukraine is the establishment of a competitive environment [2] in the housing and communal services market, as an effective mechanism for overcoming the crisis in the sector, development of new forms of housing management (HOA, single-customer services, involvement of private enterprises), competitive selection of enterprises (management companies) for training in the provision of housing and communal services. The reform of the housing and communal services market in Ukraine is impossible without a detailed study of the experience of countries that have achieved significant progress or are in the process of transforming the housing and communal services market.


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