Keywords: corporate culture, models, elements, communication channels, ideas, values, standards.


The article is devoted to the models of corporate culture and its options at industrial enterprises. Models of corporate culture are studied, and world and Ukrainian experience is considered. Based on the study, it was found that there are: E. Shane's model, which is based on three levels: cultural indicators, worldview, levels of symbols and signs; The model of F. Harris and R. Moran that is formed of ten elements and helps industrial enterprises to pay more attention to their workers, to promote the strengthening of industrial relations, the correct development of corporate strategy among the models of world-class corporate culture. It is found that the model of R. Ruttinger contains such basic elements as the market and society, and its values are the culture of the organization, the idea of values, norms, rules of conduct, specific behavior. G. Hoftsed's model of culture is based on practices, the main elements of which are: values, rituals, heroes, symbols. BF Usmanov's model is based on perfect, namely: outstanding figures and role models, leading ideas and values in society, internal standards and rules, informal communication channels. The Performance Engineering Group, Inc. model combines elements of corporate culture with elements of corporate strategy. It was found that the models of Ukrainian scientists differ from foreign ones. MI Ovcharenko's model contains the process of formation and development of corporate culture, consumer profile procedures, allows to fully implement the customer-oriented function of corporate culture. SI Hrybinska's model is based on the factors of external and internal influence on corporate culture, reflects the levels of its manifestation, provides personal needs of employees and motivates staff, helps to satisfy employees with work, helps to achieve creative self-realization and self-development.


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